Where do I call for technical issues?

Please call 0330 999 0035.

How often do I need to service the hot water cylinder?

A yearly service should be taken on all unvented products by a qualified gas safe registered installer. A normal boiler service does not often cover the hot water system and extra time will need to be planned for an unvented service.

What is my guarantee?

The guarantee is product related and up to 25 years on our larger vessels.

How do I qualify for my warranty?

All units must be installed by a fully qualified installer with the relevant qualifications for unvented work. All units must be fully commissioned, and the Commissioning checklist needs to be left with the unit.

Where do I enter the service history?

The instruction manual that is supplied with the cylinder is your log book and contains the commissioning checklist and service history report. This is always required to be kept with the cylinder and is part of the warranty stipulations in order to qualify for any warranty.

How long is the warranty of the parts attached?

The warranty of the parts attached to the cylinder is two years.

Who can install an unvented cylinder or pressurised vessel?

A professional installer who has the relevant qualifications for the installation of unvented products under the current Building Regs and Technical Standards Document.

Does the cylinder come with an expansion vessel?

All cylinders over 30 litres are supplied with a G3 Regulations kit which includes the potable expansion vessel. Please see the components list on page 3 of the instruction manual.

What happens if there is a leak on installation?

Please call technical with any issues regarding a leak and identify the unit and data plate and where the leak is coming from. Please call Technical 0330 999 0035.

What are the common installation issues?

A common installation issue is a leak which can be caused by a failure to tighten all the connections. All items factory fitted to any products is only factory tight as any transit can disturb a fitting. All fittings would need to be tightened as part of the commissioning checklist.

Failure to tighten fittings causes leaks which can appear at the first available exit on the appliance. This could be the bottom tapping on an unvented cylinder.

The temperature and pressure relief or T&P valve is a prime candidate and is factory fitted and factory tightened. Please ensure the T&P valve are fully tightened to ensure a good practice.